Unique Birds of Madagascar 

Rare Birds of Madagascar Birds of Madagascar The unique birds of Madagascar inhabit its rainforests, arid forests, and mangroves. In our customizable tours, bird-lovers can spot amazingly beautiful birds. Madagascar is home to almost 250 different species of birds with 44% endemic species. Discover 5 rare and unique birds of this paradisiac island.   Blue […]

Madagascar Forests

Madagascar Forests Madagascar’s forests can be characterized into four. Moist forests, dry forests, spiny forests, and mangroves.   Moist Forests Serpent eagles, lemurs, and rare birds inhabit the region Home to aye aye, dwarf lemurs, sifaka, golden mantella, and other endemic species Found in the eastern part of Madagascar, from Marojejy (north) to Anosy (south) […]

Madagascar’s Chameleons

Madagascar’s Chameleons   Madagascar is renowned for its wildlife and unique ecosystem. 82 chameleon species are endemic to the island. Chameleons are renowned for their changing colors and swimming ability. Madagascar ancestors used chameleons to take life lessons, heading into the future while keeping an eye on the past, just like how chameleons walk. Here […]

Madagascar Bats

Madagascar Bats 46 species have been recorded in Madagascar. Bats are mammals, roosting in diverse habitats. They make high-pitched sounds, louder than humans can hear. Here are 5 famous bat species in Madagascar. Manavi-long Fingered Bat This insectivorous species is located in the east-central part of the island Miniopterus Manavi are characterized by their bent […]

Indri indri

Indri indri Across Madagascar, the indri is considered sacred and revered by many local people. As a result, it is taboo to prey on the animal.  Most folks believe in the close link to indri indri or Babakoto. The indri indri used to be a human being who lost his son when he was hunting […]

Blue Coua

Blue Coua Madagascar is a paradisiiac island where fauna and flora abounds. Bird lovers can enjoy exploring a large variety of different types of birds and trees. The blue coua, which is endemic to Madagascar, is among the most amazing birds in the island. The blue coua, so-called Coua caerulea, belongs to the  cuckoo family, Cuculidae. The […]

Malagasy Pond Heron

Malagasy Pond Heron The Malagasy Pond Heron or the Madagascar squacco heron is scientifically identified as Ardeola idae. It belongs to the heron family Ardeidae. This monotypic bird is endemic to Madagascar, Réunion, and the Seychelles. It is endangered due to habitat destruction. Gustav Hartlaub, a German ornithologist, initiated the description of the Malagasy pond […]

Pitta-like Ground Roller

Pitta-like Ground Roller Madagascar is a large island in the Indian Ocean, where endemic life abounds. For bird lovers, it is renowned for its magnificent bird species, as well as assortments of chameleons and different varieties of lemurs. The Pitta-like Ground Roller, scientifically known as Atelornis pittoides, belongs to the Brachypteraciidae family. This endemic bird […]

Coquerel’s Sifaka

  Coquerel’s sifaka (Propithecus coquereli) is a medium-sized lemur. It is diurnal and belongs to the genus Propithecus. The word sifaka describes the sound that this kind of lemur makes to warn its group members of coming predators. Coquerel’s sifaka was named after the French entomologist Charles Coquerel. It was often taken as a subspecies […]

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