White-headed Vanga (Artamella viridis)

  Madagascar is renowned for its diverse fauna and flora. If you would like to discover endemic birds, you can consider going on a birding tour. Among them, you can discover the beautiful White-headed Vanga.
The white-headed vanga is scientifically named Artamella viridis. It belongs to the Vangidae family. The white-headed vanga is unispecific within the genus Artamella.The white-headed vanga is a songbird, which is endemic to Madagascar. At a glance, it looks like a shrike, with its striking feather colors.

As indicated in its name, the male white-headed vanga is pure white on the head, breast, and belly. The undertail feathers are equally white. Its back, wings, and tail are dark blue. It has a typical bill, with light-colored mandibles. Females are pale gray but not pure white on the head and underparts. 

  The white-headed vanga is famous for its harsh scolds as well as the deep penetrating hollow whistles. Its natural habitats are typically tropical and subtropical forests, especially in dry forests, and in moist montane forests, where plantations and scrub grow. The white-headed vanga prey on small larvae, caterpillars, locusts, butterfly eggs, and butterflies.
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