Rare Birds of Madagascar Birds of Madagascar

The unique birds of Madagascar inhabit its rainforests, arid forests, and mangroves. In our customizable tours, bird-lovers can spot amazingly beautiful birds. Madagascar is home to almost 250 different species of birds with 44% endemic species. Discover 5 rare and unique birds of this paradisiac island.


  1. Blue Coua (Coua caerulea)


This beautiful blue bird has deep cerulean plumage. The Blue Coua’s eyes have turquoise eyeshadow. The blue bird’s feathers are plum-shaded. Massive hunting puts them under threat unfortunately.

Unlike common cuckoo species, they hide their nests in trees or bushes. During the breeding season, the female lays an egg. The Blue Coua inhabit mangroves and rainforests.


  1. Madagascan Fish Eagle (Haliaeetus vociferous)

The Madagascan Fish Eagle is the largest raptor in Madagascar. To spot them, customize your birding tour to the west coast from Morombe to Diego. The Fish Eagle inhabit estuaries, marine islands, mangroves, the freshwater lakes, and rivers. It is unique for its song and reddish-brown plumage. The Fish Eagle preys on fish, which makes it critically endangered.  


  1. Madagascar Pochard (Aythya innotata)


The Madagascar Pochard duck is a rare duck species. These reddish brown ducks are under threat of extinction due to inadequate milieu shortage. Plans are being made to relocate the birds to wetlands. In Madagascar, a volcanic lake, Lake Sofia, has been identified as an appropriate habitat for the bird. Go on a bird safari trip and discover this rare bird. 


  1. Cuckoo Roller (Leptosomus discolor)

This bird is identified as the Leptosomidae. Males and females are sexually dimorphic. Male Cuckoo Rollers are soft grey with green wings, green back, and green tail. Females are brown with darker brown spots. They are usually being seen in pairs, which makes them a love symbol and good luck. 



  1. Meller’s Duck (Anas melleri)


It is endemic to Madagascar and nests in the Park of Tsarasaotra, in Antananarivo. Male and female Meller’s Ducks remain mated until their young birds are independent. Their feathers are brown and white with emerald green tips on their wings. One of our birding tours can take you to spot this rare bird according to your needs and your budget.

 Get in touch with Safari-Madagascar Taylor your tours according to your availability, rates and transport options. Safari Madagascar will make your experience more comfortable and unforgettable. 


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