The Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher

(Terpsiphone mutata)

The Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone mutata), also known as the Malagasy Paradise Flycatcher, is a species of bird endemic to Madagascar and nearby islands in the Indian Ocean. It belongs to the family Monarchidae and is known for its elegant appearance and graceful flight.

Here are some key points about the Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher:

  1. Appearance: The Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher exhibits sexual dimorphism, meaning males and females have different plumage. Male birds have long, flowing white tail feathers that can extend up to twice the length of their body. Their body plumage is a rich chestnut or cinnamon color with a black mask around the eyes. Females, on the other hand, have shorter tail feathers and are generally more subdued in color, with gray-brown plumage.
  2. Habitat: These flycatchers inhabit a variety of forested habitats across Madagascar, including rainforests, dry deciduous forests, and montane forests. They are often found near water sources such as rivers, streams, and lakes.
  3. Diet: Madagascar Paradise Flycatchers primarily feed on insects, which they catch in mid-air using their agile flight and sharp beaks. They may also occasionally feed on fruits and berries.
  4. Behavior: These birds are agile fliers and are often seen darting through the forest canopy in pursuit of flying insects. They may also perch prominently in trees or shrubs, using their keen eyesight to spot prey.
  5. Breeding: Madagascar Paradise Flycatchers are monogamous and form long-term pair bonds. They build cup-shaped nests using twigs, leaves, and other plant materials, which are usually placed in the fork of a tree branch. The female lays and incubates the eggs, while the male assists with feeding the chicks once they hatch.

The Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher is highly regarded for its beauty and is a sought-after species among birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts visiting Madagascar. Its presence in the island’s forests adds to the unique and diverse avian fauna of Madagascar. A birding trip in Mantadia Andasibe will enable you to watch this marvelous bird species in nature.


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