This tour is available whole year (any date).Your English speaking driver will lead you during this trip and you will have you own private guide during each visit to the park. We will provide you one bottle of drinking water /person/day.

Mainly for this travel is specially for the lemur but we can see other interesting wildlife too .After the visit of Andasibe National park and Mantadia we will reach to Manambato and take the boat to Ankanin’ny Nofy (The nest of dream).Within we will have a rare opportunity to see the famous AYE AYE also the Palmarium reserve .

After the Eastern parts we ride back on speed boat and drive to Southeastern part to Ranomafana passing by the City.

Ranomafana is the last visit to the rainforest where we can see other wildlife include the Golden Bamboo lemur,Milne Edward Sifaka ,birds…

Then drive back to the city

The hike require medium to good physical condition as there are some step and dense vegetation


A member of our team welcomes you and takes you to your hotel.

Overnight to Hotel


The driver will pick you up and drive you to the airport for your flight to Southern Madagascar. On your arrival another driver will pick you up and drive you to your lodge. Then, you will visit the spiny forest and discover the fauna and flora of the area

Overnight to at the lodge for Bed and Breakfast

Day 03 : IFATY

After breakfast we will discover the spiny forest. The area is endowed with some kind of lemur as Sportive Lemur ,ring tailed lemur and   bird species such as the Long Tailed ground Roller endemic to Madagascar and nowhere else in the Earth Archblod’s Newtonia, Sub- Desert Mesite some reptile species and lemurs . We can see as well some species of Baobab and endemic plant

Free leisure afternoon enjoy the beaches

Overnight  at the same lodge


We leave the coast and drive to the Northern to join Isalo National park the road is sidelined
with baobab trees. Then, you will visit the Zombitse Nation Park, famous for its deciduous dry strange adaptation between the dry forests and the humid forest.
This Park attract many tourists every year for it here is remarkable wildlife an the classification of animal species living.

Some species of lemur can be found to Zombitse National park species such as  the Verreaux Sifaka, Red –fronted brown lemur and  the endemic nocturnal species called Sportive Zombitse Lemur .We can see as well some 85 birds species Giant Couas,Cuckoo Roller …Baobab and several including the rare birds as Appert’s Tetraka. Orchids are particularly common . After the visit we will drive to Ranohira passing to Ilakaka sapphire city . This is one of the famous place for this precious stone.

Overnight to the lodge


With our local guide we choose carefully for you, you’ll hike to discover the lunar landscape.

You will discover the awe-inspiring oasis, canyon and fall. This environment was created during the Jurassic period and predominant vegetation is the Pachypodium Rosulatum. This place also is the native habitat for the rare bird called Forest Rock Thrush (Pseudocossyphus bensoni). The site is also home to some lemur species as Ring Tailed Lemur (Lemur Catta) and White Fronted Brown lemurs. After the hike drive to the lodge .

Overnight to the lodge on bed and breakfast


Today we drive to the rainforest of Ranomafana. Our first stop is at Anja, a community-run Reserve located 13 km from Ambalavao.Anja was designed a protected area reserve by the Government of Madagascar in 1999 Management of the forest then transferred to the local association Anja Miray . This park is famous for Ring Tailed lemurs. After the visit drive to Ambalavao paper fabric Our next stop is at the handmade paper factory where we discover how to make by Arabic people long time ago which is still Antaimoro paper. The process was introduced the a common practice. After the visit drive to Ranomafana

Overnight at the lodge.


Today with the local guide you will discover the Ranomafana rainforest. This park is located in the southeastern of the country with 41 600 hectares, home to several rare species of the flora and fauna. Various scientist publications have been issued about this park. Several bird species inhabit the area including the Pitta Like Ground Roller, Scaly Ground Roller and some. Other species of Vanga birds inhabit the area. You will be fascinated with lemurs as The Golden Bamboo Lemur, Milne Edward’s Sifaka common brown Lemur … In the evening we spot the smallest primate species called Mouse Lemur and some varieties of chameleons.

Close by the  the park research station called ValBio established in 2003 managed by Stony Brook University .This center helps local people for health and education

Overnight  Hotel


After the break ,we will turn back to the National road 07 .On the way we will see some numerous  typical village to the Betsileo border .we continue our journey heading North across the highland to reach to Ambositra ,the Malagasy hand craft capital .This place is well known for Zafimaniry wood carving .

Zafimaniry art The woodcarving knowledge of  Zafimaniry is inscribed by UNESCO on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (2008)Some 25000 Zafimaniry live in some hundred village actually.

We will visit some wood carver to Ambositra and continue our route to Antsirabe after lunch.

Overnight to Lodge


Before we leave Antsirabe we should have a short visit of this city of the Moroccan King Mohamed V was exiled in 1955. A quick stop to visit the handcraft of zebu horn to make ornaments, gemstone workshops spoons. After the visit drive to Andasibe national park and enjoy the highland scenery with mountains which is typical in the area with field workers.

Visit to Pyereras reptile farm which is famous for its species of chameleons and geckos. Founded by the French entomologist and naturalist André Peyreras. Flat tailed geckos , Golden Mantela and Parsons Chameleon can be seen to this place .After the visit drive towards Andasibe

Overnight to Setam Lodge or similar


We will visit the Analamazaotra , in order to have the best observation conditions we leave the hotel at 7.30 am We look for the largest lemur species called Indri Indri or Babakoto . This lemur is endemic to the site and has become a symbol of the area.
Throughout an easy hike lasting about 3 hours we search for other lemur species as Sifaka and common brown lemur and also birds … After lunch we continue to the lemur Vakona Island; this is a rare opportunity to take a close look of the animal and interact with these primates. After the visit drive back to the lodge

Overnight in to lodge


After breakfast we head to the Eastern part of the country to join the lake of  RAVELOBE where the boat will wait for us for the transfer to Ankany ny Nofy (The nest of dream) throughout  thE artificial channel dug by the Malagasy people during the colonial period. Ankany ny nofy is located between the Indian Ocean and the Pangalane Channel. The ferry will take us 01 hour 30min. Free leisure in the afternoon

Night visit to Palmarium

The AYE AYE(Daubentonia Madagascariensis)  is one of the  most endangered lemur species Being a nocturnal  species ,it is considered by the local people as the evil .Butchered by the local   people  and for meat, this lemur species become  endangered and close to extinction . Not long ago some AYE  AYE species were spotted in Palmarium reserve .The  remaining species are protected within this area .Our guided  tour offers a unique opportunity to see  this rare lemur .after this visit we will reach to the lodge

Overnight in to lodge


It’s really a nice place for a walk specially to see the Indri -Indri, Macaco lemurs, Black and white ruffed lemur  plant endemic to the country called Nepenthes  the famous carnivorous

Free leisure in the afternoon

Overnight in to lodge


Drive back to Andasibe

Overnight to Andasibe

Overnight in to lodge


City tour to Antananarivo ,if time allows we drive to the souvenir market ten transfer  to the Airport



  • Entrance and guiding fees when visiting site or parks listed in the itineraries
  • Rental private air conditioned vehicles /gas and insurance of the cars
  • Overnight stays in the hotels listed or equivalent
  • Listed meals
  • The driver s guide s per diem for the duration of the above rental
  • All taxes /one bottle of drinking water per person per day
  • Warranty of that a replacement car will be provide in case of non repairable breakdown


  • International airfare
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Personal expense
  • Other activities not scheduled in the program
  • Domestic flight(Antananarivo to Tulear)
Tour information

  • This tour is available whole year any day
  • This tour available for solo travelers
  • Travelers under 04 years old is free and stay with their parents same room
  • Travelers under 12years pay 75% of the rate


  •  During the booking  25% non- refundable deposit  must be paid
  • The balance must be paid at least  45 days prior the departure date
  • Booking less than 45days before the  departure date require 100% of the account

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