Madagascar’s Chameleons


Madagascar is renowned for its wildlife and unique ecosystem. 82 chameleon species are endemic to the island. Chameleons are renowned for their changing colors and swimming ability. Madagascar ancestors used chameleons to take life lessons, heading into the future while keeping an eye on the past, just like how chameleons walk. Here are 6 common chameleon species in Madagascar.

Madagascar giant chameleon

  • A funny green chameleon in posing on a branch in the tropical island of Nosy be. Chameleons are endemic of Madagascar where you can find a lot of different species of this reptile.Furcifer oustaleti is the longest chameleon in the world. Endemic to Madagascar, recorded in arid and humid areas. A giant chameleon, endemic to Madagascar, in diverse habitats.
  • Measuring up to 70 cm long, females are green and yellow with a white line along the sides and in the underpart.
  • The male is gray and brownish colored, the female is predominantly green with yellow color.
  • Located in the coastal lowlands as well as the eastern part of Madagascar.

Parson’s Chameleon

  • Parson’s Chameleon is endemic to Madagascar rainforests
  • Located in the eastern and northern parts of Madagascar
  • Green-colored with a brownish patch and stripes on the sides

Carpet Chameleon

  • Furcifer lateralis is endemic to Madagascar
  • Recorded in the central-eastern part of Madagascar
  • Dark brown colored with white lines on both axes
  • The male is green; the female is brown.

Blue-legged chameleon

  • Color-changing chameleon, spotted in highlands and humid mountainous sites
  • Predominantly green with blue and brownish colors

Panther Chameleon

  • Furcifer pardalis or Panther chameleon is recorded in tropical forests of the island
  • Spotted mainly in the northern and eastern regions of Madagascar. Males are bright in color; females are rather dull.

Leaf chameleon

  • Brookesia minima is dry-leaf colored, hiding in leaves, while preying on small insects.
  • It is not color-changing, hiding in dry leaves.
  • The smallest chameleon in the world is endemic to Madagascar’s rainforests.
  • Recorded in the northern and eastern parts of Madagascar.

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