Madagascar Forests

Madagascar’s forests can be characterized into four. Moist forests, dry forests, spiny forests, and mangroves.


Moist Forests

  • Serpent eagles, lemurs, and rare birds inhabit the region
  • Home to aye aye, dwarf lemurs, sifaka, golden mantella, and other endemic species
  • Found in the eastern part of Madagascar, from Marojejy (north) to Anosy (south)



Dry Forests

  • Home to diverse endemic animals like fossa, and the endemic golden-crowned Sifaka
  • Great landscape with baobab trees
  • Yet, subject to massive forest clearance due to local agriculture




Spiny forests

  • Home to endemic birds, spiders and radiated tortoises, Verreaux’s Sifaka, gecko, Grandidier’s mongoose
  • Consist of dry arid shrublands with succulent plants, cacti, lilies baobab, and Dideraceae trees in Southwest Madagascar


  • Home to Madagascar heron, fish eagle, dugong, hawksbill and green turtles
  • Nursery home to fish and crustaceans
  • Located on the west coast between the Ifaty coasts and Belalanda rivers

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