Madagascar Bats

46 species have been recorded in Madagascar. Bats are mammals, roosting in diverse habitats. They make high-pitched sounds, louder than humans can hear. Here are 5 famous bat species in Madagascar.

Manavi-long Fingered Bat

  • This insectivorous species is located in the east-central part of the island
  • Miniopterus Manavi are characterized by their bent or long wings
  • Feed mainly on insects
  • Those cave-roosting mammals are endangered due to human activities


Madagascan Flying Fox

  • This fox-like bat roosts in lowlands and rainforests, like the Analalava Reserve, East of Madagascar
  • Pteropus rufus are characterized by their long wings measuring twice longer than their body
  • Feed mainly on large fruits
  • Habitat destruction has reduced its population

Malagasy Mouse-Eared Bat

  • Belonging to the Vespertilionidae family
  • Characterized by the shape of its ears, and
  • This largest bat family encompasses 8 endemic species and 4 non-endemic
  • Located in diverse habitats across the country and feed on insects

Marozava House Bat

  • They roost individually or
  •  in groups in small huts to be safe from predators and harsh climate
  • They use echolocation when flying
  • Scotophilus Ma
    rozava is a yellow bat, endemic to the western part of Madagascar
  • Small-sized bats, found mainly in lowlands

Cat-like Bat

  • This wild bat roosts near coffee farms in northern Madagascar
  • Chewing ripe coffee berries and spitting in coffee beans
  • This bat gives Bourbon Pointu its unique smooth flavor, making it highly demanded by consumers

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