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The East

The East of Madagascar

Madagascar’s East was once a continuous lush green corridor of moist lowland forests extending along the eastern escarpment strip until an altitude of 800 m. Under this immense forested canopy a countless number of species had found an ideal habitat. Unfortunately, the fate of this natural balance reversed completely and these forests are now one of the most threatened habitats in the world. A significant portion of the forest cover has completely disappeared due to rapid clearance by the shifting cultivation practiced by local people and other deforestation factors like uncontrolled logging. Lowlands of the southern and eastern parts have been dramatically affected by heavy deforestation, as any boat trip on the Pangalanes channel would show. The coastal line at both sides of the channel is full of single-crop farming plantations: lychee, sunflower, coffee, cacao and of course vanilla are the main products.

Between stretches of white sandy beaches and lush forests, the East Coast offers the best of Madagascar. For those who love nature, or simply for those who seek adventure, your favorite terrain for different activities will be the coast, whether it is for a hike, a cultural tour, a motorized raid, or just being massaged by the beach. Madagascar’s East Coast will delight the young and the old at any time of day or night. Malagasy people are waiting for you with arms full of tropical fruits and shell necklaces.


The eastern part of Madagascar is the wettest region of the island. The tropical humid climate is responsible for the constant rainfalls. The amount of rains decreases while moving southwards. The “dry” season lasts from August to December, although a shower usually falls almost every day, so do not forget your rain gear when coming here! During the rest of the year, the months where it rains the most are February and March. The cyclone season lasts from the end of December till March. Please avoid a visit during these months. The hottest months, with an average temperature of 30°C are March, April and December. The rest of the year, temperatures are cooler, between 20° to 28°C on average. Only during August and September the thermometer is below 20°C, and it can get a little colder during the nights.

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