Rainforest Birding Tour 13 Days

Rate net per person: From $395

Antananarivo – Andasibe – Ranomafana – Antananarivo


  • Rain forest birds
  • Wetland birds
  • Chameleons
  • Lemurs

Transportation: 4WD

Birds species expected: more than 110 species


Day 01: Antananarivo

Transfer from the international airport, our representative will welcome you at the airport and transfer you to your Hotel.

Accommodation: Trois Metis or similar


Day 02: Antananarivo

Upon your arrival at the bustling capital of Antananarivo, which is widely known as Tana, our representative will welcome you and drive you to your comfortable hotel in the city. If time allows upon your arrival, you will start the birding tour at Tsarasaotra Lake, at the heart of the city.

The lake is endowed with an assortment of Egret and Heron, Knob Bill Duck, White Faced, and Fulvous Whistling Duck.

Also, you can spot Malagasy Pond heron, Red-knobbed coot, Madagascar Swamp warbler, Black-Crowned Night Heron, Squacco Heron and Black Heron, and Dimorphic Egret, Malagasy Kestrel, Madagascar Rail, Common Moorhen Malagasy Coucal, Malagasy kingfisher, Madagascar Hoopoe Common Jery, Madagascar Bulbul, Madagascar White Eyes.

After birding at this lake, we will head on to Andasibe.

Accommodation: Trois Metis

Day  03: Antananarivo –(135KM)

Early departure from the hotel; then, drive Eastward to Andasibe National Park.

Interesting birds can be spotted along the way, such as Hamerkop, Madagascar Mannikin, Madagascar Red Fody, and Madagascar Kestrel Chabert’s Vanga. A stop at Mangoro River to spot the famous Madagascar Pratincole.                                                                

Stay at the resort that is close to the park to make your stay comfortable. Enjoy the wildlife in their natural forest habitat and hear the scream of the largest lemur called Indri- Indri. The tour encompasses other species of birds flying just close to the lodge such as Madagascar Wagtail, Mascarene Martin, and Madagascar Green Sun Bird.

In the evening we continue our birdwatching journey at night and walk through the forest to spot the Madagascar Scops Owl, Madagascar Long Eared Owl ….

Overnight at Sahatandra or Andasibe Lemur Lodge.

Day -04-05 -06: Perinet Reserve / Mantadia

Amongst the National Park of Madagascar, you should not miss the rainforest of Andasibe. Mantadia National Park and Perinet Reserve are fascinating attractions as they are homes to several endemic species. The sites encompass rainforest birds of over 100 species; all have been recorded from within the small reserve. Also, many bird species inhabit the site, including Madagascar Wood Rail, Madagascar  Flufftail, Collared Nightjar, Nuthatch Vanga, Madagascar Crested Ibis, Red-breasted and Red Fronted Couas, Madagascar Owl, Madagascar  Scops Owl, Madagascar Pygmy kingfisher.

At the Mantadia National Park, enjoy watching some rare birds such as Spectacled and Grey Crowned Tetraka, White Throated Oxylabe, Madagascar Blue Pigeon, and Madagascar Blue Vanga.

The reserve also encompasses the Greater Vasa parrot, Madagascar cuckoo, Madagascar Spinetail, Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher, Madagascar Cuckoo Shrike, Tylas, White-Headed Vangas, Chabert’s Vanga, Red-Tailed and Hook Billed Vangas.

Bird-lovers will equally enjoy watching Madagascar Starling, Nelicourvi Weaver, Cuckoo Roller, Pitta-Like and Rufous Headed Ground Roller, Common Sunbird Asity, Blue Coua, Velvet Asity, Forest Fody, Dusky Tetraka, Madagascar  Rail, Grey Emutail, Madagascar Snipe, Madagascar Swamp Warbler.

Our next journey will take us to swamps and marshes, home to water birds, such as Madagascar Little Grebe, and Madagascar Rail Madagascar Flufftail.

Mammals & other creatures

Our bonus package includes Indri-Indri, Common Brown lemur, Eastern Bamboo Lemur, and Golden Diademed Sifaka

Day 07: Andasibe -Antsirabe (310 KM)

Our visit will take us to Antsirabe, and we will make a stop at the park of the reptile of Pyereras, which is famous for its chameleon assortments. Among those, discover the Oustalet Chameleon (the longest Chameleon), Parson’s Chameleon (The largest chameleon), and Geckos, including the Leaf-Tailed Geckos, Satanic Geckos, and the famous Brookesia from the country.  The site is also famous for some birds such as the Madagascar Kestrel, Yellow Billed Kite, and Common Myna.

After the visit, head on to Antsirabe. Stop along the road to spot local rice paddy birds such as Cattle Egret, and Black Heron … At the end of the day, we will arrive in Antsirabe.

Overnight at Plumeria or similar.

Day 08: Antsirabe –Ranomafana

After breakfast, we can satisfy our eyes with  Madagascar Bee Eater and we embark on a journey to the rain forest of Ranomafana.

Overnight at Setam Lodge or similar.

Day-09-10-11: Birding to Ranomafana National Park

We will explore the Ranomafana National Park which is located in the Southeastern part of Madagascar in Haute Matsiatra and Vatovinany region. The area is covered with 41,600 hectares of tropical rainforest.                                                           Our next visit will take us to two main parks, namely Vohiparara and Vatolahy, where we will trail with our local bird guide.

Established in 1991, the park aims at preserving the unique biodiversity of the local ecosystem and reducing the human pressure in the protected areas.

This park is home to several rare species of fauna and flora including some rare bird species such as Tylas Vanga, Common Newtonia, Brown Mesite, Henst’s Goshawk, Wedge-Tailed Jery, Madagascar Crested Ibis, Pitta Like Ground Roller, Short Legged Ground Roller, Common sunbird, Grey–Crowned Tetraka, Yellow Bellied Common Sunbird, AlpinSwit, Madagascar Kingfisher, Barn Owl, Madagascar Blue Pigeon, Soumanga Sunbird, Madagascar Magpie Robin, Madagascar Brush Warbler, Madagascar Cisticola, Madagascar Turtle Dove, Red Tailed Vanga, African Black Swift.

Velvet Asity

Some other species of lemurs inhabit Ranomafana Park, including The White Fronted Brown Lemur, the bellied Lemur, and the rare species of lemur called the Golden Bamboo Lemur.

Day 12: Ranomafana -Antananarivo (450 KM)

The last day ends with a hearty breakfast and a drive back to the capital city. At the end of the day, we will arrive in Antananarivo.

Overnight at Trois Metis or similar

Day 13: City tour Transfer

According to your flight schedule and if time allows, we will tour the city and buy souvenirs at the market before the transfer.

End of Our Service


This price includes:

  • Lodging for twelve nights with bed and breakfast
  • All transfers mentioned above
  • Park entrance and bird guide fees
  • Car and fuel for the whole trip
  • Driver indemnities
  • Drinking water
  • Warranty that a replacement car will be provided in case of non-reparable breakdown.

The price excludes:

  • All other expenses(health insurance)
  • Tips
  • Other drink
  • International flight

Rate net per person: From $395

Rainforest birding information

This birding tour starts from the 1st of September until the end of December every year. During this tour, you will have a special bird-watching guide, and a vehicle at your disposal, and during your visit, a private local professional bird guide will lead you in each park.

During this birding tour, we will visit two main rainforest parks: Andasibe with Mantadia, and Ranomafana.

On the whole, the hike is not difficult, but there is also something suitable for everyone.

Our experimented bird guide is endowed with no less than 10 years of experience in birding. They are professional and knowledgeable.

Of course, it’s a birding tour, but some other specimens can be spotted during your visit to the forest. This includes different species of lemurs, an assortment of chameleons, and reptiles. To make your visit more convenient, most accommodations are located around the park. Most rainforest birds can be found during this tour, including six families of endemic bird species of Madagascar such as MESITORNITHIDAE (Mesite), BRACHYPTERACIIDAE (Ground roller), LEPTOSOMIDAE, PHILEPITIDAE (Asities), BERNIERIDAE and VANGIDAE (Vangas)