Rainforest Birding Tour

16 Days

Rate net per person: From $435


Day 01: Transfer and Briefing  

Day02: Antananarivo- Ranomafana

Day 03/04/ 05: Ranomafana National Park

Day 06: Ranomafana – Ranohira:

Day 07: Ranohira Tulear

Day 08: Birding in Andatabo

Day 09: Birding in Ifaty Spiny Forest

Day 10: Transfer, flight To Antananarivo

Day11: Antananarivo — Andasibe National Park

Day 12: Mantadia National Park

Day 13 – 14 – 15: Perinet Reserve / Mantadia National Park

Day 16: Andasibe –Antananarivo

Accommodation list

Antananarivo Tamboho Hotel 

Target habitats:

Rain forest, deciduous woodland, Spiny forest of Ifaty, and wetland


  • Rarest Rain forest birds
  • Aquatic birds
  • Spiny forest birds in Ifaty
  • Sea birds
  • Wonderful landscape
  • Dry deciduous forest
  • Lemurs
  • Reptiles

Style: Bird watching /lemur viewing

BIRD expected: 130 specimens or more

Transportation: 4WD /Minivan/ Bus

Itinerary details

Day 01: Transfer and Briefing at the hotel in Antananarivo

Accommodation: Tamboho Hotel or Similar

Day 02: Antananarivo- Ranomafana

On the way, you can watch some rice field birds such as Egret, Heron, Dimorphic Egret, Madagascar Hamerkop, and Madagascar Bee Eater.

Overnight stay at Setam Lodge. Bed and breakfast are provided.

Day 03: Ranomafana National Park

With a private guide, explore Ranomafana National Park.

Ranomafana National Park is located in the southeastern part of Madagascar with 41,600 Hectares of tropical rainforest. Established in 1991, it is home to the unique biodiversity of the local ecosystem. Rare species of fauna and flora can be observed including the Golden Bamboo Lemurs, Milne Edwards Sifaka, and other lemur species. Bird lovers enjoy the view of rare species such as Pitta Like Ground–Roller, Short-Legged ground roller, and Brown Mesite.

The flora and fauna of Ranomafana have been subject to extensive scientific research. The park was established in 2003 by ValBio as a research station, managed by Stony Brook University with a focus on local biodiversity, community health, and education.

Full-day birding in Ranomafana. Spotting Pitta-Like Ground Roller, Rufous Headed Ground Roller, Common Sun Bird Asity, Tylas  Vanga, Chabert  Vanga.

Overnight at Setam Lodge or similar.

Day 04: Ranomafana National Park

Full-day birding in Ranomafana. Discover species of endemic birds such as Madagascar PranticoleBrown Mesite, Grey-Crowned Tetraka, Wedge Tailed Jerry, Red Tailed Vanga, Hent’sGoshawk, Yellow-bellied Sunbird Asity, and Velvet Asity…..,

Overnight at Setam Lodge or similar.


Day 05: Ranomafana National Park

Full day birding to discover other species of birds.

Overnight at Setam Lodge or similar.

Day 06: Ranomafana –  Ranohira:

After breakfast, head on to Ranohira, and for fun, stop at Anja Park. It is a small park owned by the local community. The site is famous for its Ring-Tailed Lemur or the Lemur Catta. After the visit, head on straight to the lodge. In Ranohira you will see Madagascar Partridge, Forest Rock Thrush, and Madagascar Lark.

Overnight at Relais de la Reine or similar.

Day 07: Ranohira – Tulear – Ifaty

Early we leave the lodge to drive to Zombitse National Park. This dry deciduous forest is home to the rarest bird species such as Appert’s Tetraka (endemic to this park), the Giant Couas, Cuckoo Roller, Common Jery, and Crested Drongo.

Others  mammals

The bonus package in this tour includes a view of Fat-Tailed sportive Lemurs, Verreaux Sifaka.

Overnight at the lodge Ifaty Beach Club or Bella Dona.

Day 08: Birding at Andatabo

Enjoy bird-watching at St Augustin to spot endemic species namely Lesser Crested Tern, Humblot’s Heron, Grey Heron, Madagascar  Harrier Hawk, and other species of Sea birds Tern, and plovers.

Overnight at the lodge Ifaty Beach Club or Bella Dona.


Day 09: Birding at Ifaty Spiny Forest

Full-day birding in Ifaty. You will spot the famous Long-Tailed ground Roller, Archbold’s Newtonia, Sub desert Brush Warbler, Thamnornis, Sub desert Mesite, Running and Red-Capped Couas, Red-Shouldered Vanga, Madagascar Harrier Hawk, Crab Plover, Madagascar Plover, Three Banded Plover, White Headed Vanga …

Others mammals

Fork mark lemur, Lemurs Catta ….

Overnight to the lodge Ifaty Beach Club or Bella Dona

Day 10: Transfer, flight To Antananarivo

After breakfast and according to your flight schedule, transfer to Antananarivo.

Overnight in Antananarivo at Tamboho Hotel or similar.

Day 11: Antananarivo – Andasibe National Park

Visit Tsarasaotra Lake at the heart of the city.

The lake is home to an assortment of Egret and Heron, Knob Bill Duck,

White Faced and Fulvous Whistling Duck, Malagasy Pond heron, Red-knobbed coot, Madagascar

Swamp warbler, Black-Crowned Night Heron, Squacco  Heron, Black Heron and Dimorphic Egret, Malagasy Kestrel, Madagascar Rail Common Moorhen, Malagasy Coucal, Malagasy kingfisher, Madagascar Hoopoe Common Jery, Madagascar Bulbul, Madagascar White Eyes, Malagasy Pound Heron.

After the birding at the lake, drive to Andasibe. Enjoy our comfortable accommodation at the park to make your stay convenient. So close to the forest wildlife, enjoy the loud scream of Indri- Indri, the largest lemur in Madagascar. Some other bird species fly just close to the lodge, namely Madagascar Wagtail, Mascarene Martin, and Madagascar Green Sun Bird.

Overnight at the lodge in Andasibe Hotel or similar.

Day 12: Mantadia National Park

Early departure from the hotel, drive Eastward to Andasibe National Park. Along the way, discover interesting such birds as Hamerkop, Madagascar Mannikin, Madagascar Red Fody, and Madagascar Kestrel Chabert’s Vanga. A stopover at Mangoro River to spot the famous Madagascar Pranticole, nesting close to the rock.

In the evening, embark on your journey, and at night, walk through the forest to spot local birds such as the Madagascar Scops Owl, and Madagascar Long-Eared Owl ….

Overnight at the lodge of Andasibe Hotel or similar.

Day 13 – 14 -15: Perinet Reserve /Mantadia Natinal Park

Among the National Parks of Madagascar, the rainforest of Andasibe is renowned for its Mantadia National Park and Perinet Reserve, home to rainforest birds. Indeed, over 100 bird species have been recorded from within the small reserve, and you will spot such special species as Madagascar Wood Rail, Madagascar  Flufftail, Collared Nightjar, Nuthatch Vanga, Madagascar Crested Ibis, Red-breasted and Red Fronted Couas, Madagascar Owl, Madagascar  Scops Owl, Madagascar Pygmy kingfisher.

At Mantadia National Park, we hope to see some rare birds such as Spectacled and Grey Crowned Tetraka, White Throated Oxylabe, Madagascar Blue Pigeon Madagascar,  Greater

Vasa Parrot, Madagascar cuckoo, Madagascar Spinetail, Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher, Madagascar Cuckoo Shrike, Tylas Vanga, White Headed Vanga, Chabert’s Vanga, Red-Tailed Vanga and Hook Billed Vangas.

You will also spot Madagascar Starling, Nelicourvi Weaver, Cuckoo Roller, Pitta-Like and Rufous Headed Ground Roller, Common Sunbird Asity, Blue Coua, Velvet Asity, Forest Fody, Dusky Tetraka, Madagascar Rail, Grey Emutail, Madagascar Snipe, Madagascar Swamp Warbler.

Also, we will visit swamps and marshes to spot some water birds such as Madagascar Little Grebe, Madagascar Rail, Madagascar Flufftail Mammal & other species. The site hosts Indri- Indri, Common Brown Lemur, Eastern Bamboo Lemur, and Golden Diademed Sifaka, which we include in the bonus package.

Overnight at the lodge in Andasibe Hotel or similar.

Day 16: Andasibe Antananarivo

After breakfast, drive back to Antananarivo and transfer overseas. Before your flight, we can drive to the souvenir market.



Birding tour information

This birding tour starts on the 1st of August and ends in late December. During the tour, a professional bird-watching guide will accompany you, and a comfortable vehicle is at your disposal.

The birding tour will encompass two main rainforest parks, including:

  • Andasibe NP
  • Mantadia NP
  • Ranomafana NP
  • Isalo NP
  • Zombitse NP

The protected private areas to see birds are as follows:

  • Alarobia Lake
  • Mosa reserve
  • Vakona reserve
  • Anja Community run park

The hike is not so challenging, and there is something suitable for everyone.

With over 10 years of experience in birding, our guide can impart you with much information about bird species diversity.

The bonus package in the birding tour includes the discovery of other endemic specimens. Most national parks and forests are home to different species of lemurs, chameleons, and reptiles. For your convenience, most accommodations are located at the park. The rainforest birds covered in the tour include six endemic Madagascan bird families including MESITORNITHIDAE(Mesites), BRACHYPTERACIIDAE (Ground -rollers), LEPTOSOMIDAE(Cuckoo roller), PHILEPITIDAE (Asities) BERNIERIDAE, and VANGIDAE (Vangas)

Ranomafana National Park:

Ranomafana National is located in the southeastern part of Madagascar with 41,600 hectares of tropical rainforest. The park was established in 1991 in order to preserve the unique biodiversity of the local ecosystem. Home of the rare species of fauna and flora including Golden Bamboo Lemurs, Milne Edwards Sifaka, and other lemur species. You will discover endemic rainforest birds including Pitta-like, Short-legged, Scaly Ground-roller, Rain forest Scops owl,  Brown Mesite, Cuckoo roller, Wood rail, Common Sunbird, Grey-crowned Tetraka, Wedge-tailed Jerry, Yellow Sun Bird Asity, Brown Emutail, Madagascar Pranticole, Madagascar Snipe, Malagasy Harrier, Henst’s Goshawk, Pollen’s/red Tailed Vanga, Velvet Asity, Greater Vasa Parrot, Crested Drongo, Madagascar Fly Catcher, Madagascar Rail, and Madagascar Green Pigeon.


Mantadia and Perinet National Park:

Mantadia National Park is a rainforest, and it is located not far from the city. Most rainforest birds can be seen in Mantadia and Perinet National Park. Shor- legged and Scaly Ground Rollers, Madagascar Flufftail, Madagascar Owl, Grey-crowned Tetraka, Red Breasted Couas, Pitta–like and Rufous Ground Rollers, Crossley Vanga, Spectacle Tetraka, Wedge-tailed, green and Stripe–Throated Jeries, Common and Dark Newtonia Cryptic Warbler, Forest Fody, Blue and Red Breasted Couas, Madagascar Pygmy Kingfisher, Ward’s Vanga, Madagascar Blue Pigeon, Madagascar Sartling, Madagascar Spinetail, Nelicourvi Weaver, Cuckoo Roller, Tylas/White-headed/Chabert/Blue/Red-tailed and Hook Billed Vanga, Madagascar Wood Rail, Madagascar Cuckoo-shrike, Common sun Bird Rain forest Scops Owl, Collared Nightjar, Red-tailed Newtonia Dusky Tetraka ….

Zombitse forest

This park consists of a rainforest in the north and a sub-arid spiny forest in the south. It encompasses endemic bird species such as Appert’s Tetraka, Madagascar  crested Ibis, Madagascar harrier hawk, Coquerel and crested couas, Cuckoo roller, Madagascar cuckoo Shrike, Long–Billed Tetraka, Malagasy Paradise flycatcher, Madagascar  Starting

Rate net per person: From $435