Every year from June to September, the humpback whales migrate off the northeast coasts of Madagascar to mate and give birth. You will be able to go on board in small groups to observe these impressive marine mammals arriving by hundreds.


Humpback whale observation : a unique experience

It’s from June onwards that you will observe the majestic ballet of humpback whales. After thousands of kilometers , they arrive in the Madagascar’s hot tropical waters for the mating season. You will be able to attend the incredible mating dances of males for their females: jumps, strikes of fins, rises out of water,… And if you are lucky, perhaps you will attend the moving birth of a calf, and his first life lesson with his mother. A unique experience awaits you !


Recognizable by its back completely black, and its whitish belly, the humpback whale is mostly characterized by its head and its jaw which are covered with small protuberances called tubercles.

Source : https://madagascar-tourisme.com


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